5 Tips to Eat Healthy at Restaurants

It can be hard to stick to healthy eating when you go out to a restaurant; most restaurants offer very few healthy options on the menu. Use these tips to stay healthy and make better decisions when eating out!

Don’t Be Afraid!

Don’t be afraid to ask your server about how the food is prepared. For example, ask what kind of oils are used, is it fried or baked, and is there a lot of sugar used in the sauce? This will help you choose a healthier option.

Start Right

Start your meal with a healthy appetizer like a salad to help fill you up before the main course. This will ensure that you are full after your entrée thereby decreasing the likelihood that you will binge on dessert.

Keep It Lean

If you’re going to eat meat make sure it’s a lean cut. Instead of a rib-eye steak, opt for a flank steak, and instead of chicken thighs or wings go for a skinless chicken breast instead. Doing this will lower the fat and caloric content of the meal.

Dressing On The Side

Many restaurants use very fatty or sugary dressings and sauces. Ask for your dressing/sauce on the side and then use it sparingly, just enough to provide some extra flavor – no need to drench your food!

Have A Shake First

Before you go out to eat, have a quick protein shake. Protein is very filling, so having a protein-packed smoothie before you go out will help satisfy your hunger. Try Purely Inspired® 100% Plant-Based Protein for a delicious smoothie full of vitamins, minerals and greens!

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