3 Ways To Look Better In Clothes Now!

We all know that feeling of seeing some amazing article of clothing in the store. It looks fantastic on the mannequin, but then when you try it on you’re quickly disappointed. Sometimes we just don’t fit into our clothes the way we should. You may be trying on the right size, but some days you just feel off no matter what you try on. Here are three quick tips to look better in your clothes!

Cut the Carbs

When you eat carbs, your body stores some of it as glycogen in your muscle cells. This process also pulls water into the muscle, causing your body to retain more water. We know…it sounds complicated, right? But trust us, cutting out carbs for a few days and depleting the stored carbs in your body will make you shed some water weight and can make you appear leaner!

Beware of Food Sensitivities

When it comes to people, one thing is certain: everyone is different! Pay attention to the foods you eat and make note of which types of foods make you feel tired and bloated. You may have trouble digesting these types of food, which can cause your stomach to become gassy and bloated – the last thing you want when trying to look good in a new outfit! Common things that can cause bloating are wheat products and dairy, so try Purely Inspired® 100% Plant-Based Protein, which has neither of these and is gluten free!

Avoid Highly Processed, High-Sodium Foods

You should stay away from highly processed foods, like TV dinners, fast food and canned soups. These types of highly processed foods are loaded with high levels of sodium that can cause water retention and bloating. Your body tends to retain lots of water in order to dilute all of the sodium to maintain the proper electrolyte balance. Bloating and water retention aren’t going to do your physique any favors!

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