5 Ways to Stay Active with Your Kids

It is very important to encourage your kids to be active! With all of the indoor distractions coming from television, video games and social media, kids are often not getting enough daily activity. The key is to make time for family activities that are fun for everyone and encourage your kids to get out and get moving! However, this isn’t just for your kids, this is a great opportunity for you to get active too and burn some extra calories while bonding with your family! Here are five fun outdoor family activities that you can do this summer to increase not only the daily activity of your kids, but yours as well!

Bike Rides

If you live in a suburban area, there are usually plenty of parks and bike paths you can take your family to for an enjoyable family bike ride! If you want to burn some calories and tone up those legs, then biking is a great place to start.


A badminton set can be fairly inexpensive and easy to set up. Try setting up a badminton game in your backyard and just watch the competitive juices of your family flow as you enjoy this cardio-intense activity!


Swimming is an amazing, fun way to get outside and enjoy the summer weather. Head to a lake, ocean or outdoor pool near you to splash around and soak up some vitamin D from the sun. Swimming can burn a lot of calories, so get out to the water!


Soccer is a great cardio-intensive sport that requires very little equipment! All you need is some open space, a ball and a few objects like pylons to set up two sets of goal posts. Why not invite some extended family members or even the neighbors for a friendly, fun-filled match!


Chances are there are great hiking trails not too far away from where you live! Teach your kids about the beauty of the great outdoors by taking them for a calorie-burning hike; you might even get to experience some local wildlife!

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